Software Developer, amongst other things.

These are the podcasts I’m currently subscribed to, which provide value to me consistently. I hope they can add value to you as well!

Life Principles

Your Move with Andy Stanley
Most of us would love to live our lives making better decisions, and having fewer regrets. On a weekly basis, Andy delivers content that points us to solid, applicable principles that can help us do exactly that.
Also Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Bible Project
An incredibly helpful look at the Bible and the themes that run throughout it. Tim and Jon do a wonderful job of dissecting complicated issues and breaking them down so anyone can understand them.

Ask Pastor John
John Piper answers common and uncommon questions about Christianity three times a week. A great hit of biblically-center insight to tough problems.


The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast
I’m a huge fan of John Maxwell and the tools he provides surrounding how to be a better leader. This podcast is a regular dose of inspiration, challenge, and insight on how to be a better leader and build influence with the people surrounding you to help them (and you) win.
Also John Maxwell Company Executive Leadership Podcast.

At The Table with Patrick Lencioni
Working with people isn’t always easy, and here Patrick gives regular inspiration, insight, and challenges to be a better team player, as well as build better teams. Paired with Patrick’s book Ideal Team Player, and Working Genius, Patrick and his team give a great foundation for bringing people together to achieve great things.
Also The Working Genius Podcast


Technology & Productivity