• Blank slate

    A new project with a blank slate sounds like a good idea. You can configure everything - the build tools, the linters, the code styling. You can control it all. But you won’t. And you shouldn’t.

  • Getting Past the Cliche

    The hacker mentality betrays us at times. This mindset that can shake its head at popular tools in search for the latest and greatest; often can be blinded to the upsides of those same popular tools. For example:

  • The Importance of Testing & Documentation

    Software Development is more than just a job, it is a craft. Like a fine woodworker, a skilled leather worker, or a seasoned chef, the difference is often not in getting the task done - but how the work stands the test of time.

  • How to Verify Your Identity in AWS

    If you’re an AWS developer, you likely make many privileged requests to AWS using tools like an SDK, CDK, CLI, or even just the console. However, despite doing this for a while, I’ve only recently done a deep dive into just how those requests are actually authenticated. Its not just an API key being sent over, its actually an entire, cryptographically secure signature. And knowing how to use it correctly can give you a lot of control over how you make your AWS requests secure.

  • Better HTTP Mocking

    Testing can be annoying, and nothing makes testing more annoying than mocking. Mocking tends to be an arduous task where you try to replicate the behavior of another object interacting with the tested code by expecting inputs and defining outputs.

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