Organizing Your Feeds

I recently began reading RSS feeds again. I’ve had an on and off relationship with them. On one hand, knowing what is happening in the world and having access to cool content is a great perk that technology allows. On the other hand, it takes bracelets time away from work and real-life human interactions with people I care about, as well as can be a distraction from putting my mind towards passions. However, if used correctly it can keep me more generally informed about the world around me as well as serve as a booster to bolster my passions.

So, the plan is simple: as much content as possible in the most efficient means possible. Get through lots of content in short amounts of time so I can get back fake cartier love bracelet amazon uk
to what I was doing. How do I do this?

Curated Categories

The only categories I have on my reader are ones I sincerely care about: cooking, Christianity, productivity, entrepreneurship, FIRST, and WordPress. I refuse to have a ‘techology’ category, a ‘writing’ category, or any other category that doesn’t directly pertain to my interests. Furthermore, inside each of these categories I only have feeds that give me the full content of the blog post in my feed reader. I am not very interested on a normal basis of going to an outside site to get my content. I want 80% of my reading done in the feed reader. However there are some exceptions….

Title-only Firehose Categories

Besides my regular categories, I have a couple ‘firehose’ categories. These are categories that are specifically set up for me to scan over a fairly large number cartier bracelets of titles quickly for topics that interest me. They contain high volume feeds that I can quickly filter through and discard most of. These include things like 外汇交易平台 the Hacker fake cartier bracelet News feed, Techmeme, and any other general blog I want to follow that doesn’t pertain to my stated interests. Because these feeds will ultimately make up of a small percentage of my actual reading, they can require me to go through to the website to read. I’m only looking at the title most of the time anyway.


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